The Princess realizes that she must move to Berlin when she visits the exhibition "Vulnerable Subjects" in Leipzig. Fortunately, while looking for an apartment, she meets Kasperle, who introduces her to the Wohnungsbot. But even though the Wohnungsbot has already relieved countless people of the symptoms of rent mania, this mission plunges the Wohnungsbot into a crisis of existence, which not only makes him doubt prevailing narratives of automation.

The stage adaptation of the software "Wohnungsbot" negotiates the possibilities and consequences of the attempt to solve social problems with technical means.

Exhibition view at ZAK Spandau


spoken by
Monika Freinberger (Kasperle, Prinzessin, Krokodil)
Marlene [AWS Polly] (Wohnungsbot)

Daniel Hengst

Copy editing
Christopher Heyder

Art manufacturing
Ortrun Bargholz

"Mietenkrokodil" (rent crocodile) scene

Stage detail: Kasperle and Princess
Stage detail: Princess at HGB Leipzig
Interior structure
Exhibition view (back) at ZAK Spandau