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User-generated crypto performance, 2014, 2016, 2017

Awarded with the Deutscher Multimediapreis mb21 for the 2017 annual theme Big Dada

A fascinated participant of Project David

Who has ever used PGP to encrypt an e-mail? PGP was the only real end-to-end encryption mechanism available (untilt the emergence of the Signal protocol, such as also used by WhatsApp) in 2013 when Snowden made his revelations. And since PGP was and is so rarely used: isn't it more dangerous to use it, since it raises the surveillors’ attention?

Project David fills this gap by engaging viewers in a playful, dadaist, yet superficial manner to generate more encrypted communication. In a fake terminal an excerpt of the Snowden leaks is presented, which no one ever really read either. The participant is reduced to play with speed and color of the predetermined output.

The text is then encrypted and sent to one's personal e-mail address over the Tor network, another privacy tool. This generates encrypted traffic and spreads the colorful artwork, an undecipherable block of numbers and letters.

Still this is Big Dada: no art installation will ever build a cover for vulnerable real-world users. It's a mere symbolic act against the seemingly overpowering Goliath of surveillance agencies.

Installation view at New Budapest Gallery (HU)

2016 demo video (2:37, no audio)

Exhibition view at New Budapest Gallery (HU)