Status of (automated) social media accounts

PlatformHandle / linkActivity statusPurposeAutomation statusNotes
Instagram @neo_post_modern Coming soon Self-promotion Planned, but not currently active You can see the preparation on GitHub.
Xitter @neo_post_modern Rare Self-promotion Considered (currently manual)
Mastodon Active Social media! Also self-promotion Manual
Bluesky Inactive Name squatting Maybe along with Xitter
Threads N/A Let's see how the (de)federation thing plays out
Tiktok N/A

Instagram automation: modus operandi

Upon launch (not yet) there will be one post per week that will also be posted as a story.
Not automated at this point:

  • follow/unfollow
  • reacting to mentions in stories (liking, re-posting)
  • messaging (e.g. forwarding to e-mail)